This week we the Fourth Sunday of Advent. If you missed our Parish Advent Service and would like to have your Confession heard prior to the Christmas feast I will be happy to hear it after Mass; please pull me aside after Mass and I will hear your Confession. If you find yourself in Boston’s downtown crossing please stop into the Franciscans at Arch Street or if your in the Prudential center please drop into St Francis’s Chapel located beside the Hynes center and entrance into the Sheraton.

This is the last weekend for us to receive CHRISTAMAS FLOWER OFFERRINGS for the remembrance of your deceased loved ones in the Christmas Masses and the Novena of masses that follow. We are still short about $500.00 so perhaps a final push might bring us to our goal and help in decorating the Church festively for Christmas.  Our ART & ENVIRONMENT GROUP will be in the Church decorating after the Sunday 11:30 Mass. A word of thanks to this dedicated group.

We will have COFFEE & DONUTS after the Sunday 7:30am and 10:00am Masses. Please join us for some pre Christmas Cheer and take fifteen minutes to slow down and enjoy the holiday ambience of the decorated Parish Hall.

The Christmas Masses are on the Eve: 4:00pm in the Main Church and 4:15PM in the Chapel. We are blessed to have Father Richard Curran with us to celebrate the Chapel Mass. There will not be music in the Chapel but it will still be festively set and those attending are welcome to sing Acapella style. In the main Church we will be bringing back the CHRISTMAS PAGENT which will begin twenty minutes before Mass. It will be great to see all our young children acting out the birth of the baby Jesus. We will livestream this Mass and have it archived for everyone., and it will include this pageant. On Christmas day we will celebrate the 7:30am 10:00am and 11:30am. There will be no 7pm Mass as I will be celebrating the afternoon with my parents in Arlington.

I would like to direct your attention to the  Clergy Health and Retirement Trust Collection which will be taken up at each of the Christmas Masses. The funds are used to support the needs of our retired priests, and your generous gift will go along way to ensuring that our senior are treated with the dignity.

This Christmas we also provided forty hams and turkeys, along with several cases of vegetables and fruits to the mothers at Julie’s Learning Center. Also we disbursed the Jesse Tree gifts to them, our Veterans, Catholic Charities and local Families. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this effort to ensure a festive and blessed Christmas to those in need. See you at Christmas Mass.