I hope each of you had as wonderful a Christmas and New Year Celebration as I had. Our Christmas Eve Masses were packed with standing room only in the main church and chapel. We began with the return of the CHRISTMAS PAGEANT at 3:30pm which led us into a joyous Christmas Mass. Marsha Wright and Darlene Kelliher took on a great deal of work to stage this production of the Christmas story. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing our youngsters play out the roles of the Holy Family. A debt of gratitude to our two producers and to the parents who brought the youngsters back and forth for practice.  We have pictures of the event uploaded to our Facebook page. 

The Church looked awesome with the decorations and for that I would like to thank our Art & Environment Committee members: Jack and Helen Dillon, Dave and Lisa Kelly, Jean Lahey, Beth Ann McNulty (Chair of this Committee) and her husband Dan, (let’s not forget their daughter Kelly who also volunteered), Karen Ring and Nancy and Scott Sanborn. Apologies to anyone I may have missed. I received a handful of compliments on the decorations (which is high praise), and yes – I realize you all love the decorations, and the committee and I are happy this enhanced the spiritual experience in the Holy Mass. By the way, folks were mentioning the blue poinsettias and how they were quite striking. They come from Kane’s Flower World in Danvers, who have  a special patent on turning the white poinsettias into blue by way of some special spray paint application. The blend of the red, white and blue poinsettias  is a little patriotic, but why not, a reminder that Independence Day is right around the corner! Get your sunscreen ready and think warm and sunny thoughts and start the New Year off right. After this weekend’s celebration of the Epiphany the decorations will be taken down and stored away for next year.

The other day the Executive Director of the Marshfield Food Pantry dropped by to pick up the food from the garage, and he took time to thank me for the incredible generosity of the church, remarking on how we are the largest of contributors to the Pantry. I was happy to hear it and laughed when, by coincidence, I handed him a check for $1,000.00.  I can’t express how happy I was to hear of the fruits of this very powerful ministry. I preach time and again, on our need to provide for the poor and needy, and many of you, time and again, come through and bring hope to our parish community as it ministers both locally and universally.

It’s worth mentioning that in 2019 we have had four of our parish family members travel down to the mountains of Constanza in the Dominican republic to provide health care to the poorest. There is so much you do that goes unnoticed, but scripture tells us to “not let the left hand know what the right hand is doing, in order that your Heavenly Father may reward you in Heaven.” Keep up  bringing the gospel to those around you.

I also want to thank so many folks who have sent me a card or gift on the occasion of Christmas. Your kindness means so much to me. On behalf of the parish I also want to thank many folks who have sent in year-end gifts, they help a great deal.

This year’s Christmas collection came to $9300.  which has been sent along to the Clergy Benefit Trust. Thanks for taking such good care of our retired priests.

May your New Year be filled with God’s presence.