let us pray that in this New Year our resolve is boosted with Sacramental Grace to serve the needs of the poor, lonely, alienated and poor.

Unfortunately for a Pastor, Christmas goes by too quickly and you don’t get to enjoy it as much. What I mean is that you get so busy with Advent, and a few days before Christmas you are given a small space of time to decorate the Church; Christmas Eve and Day comes and it’s all just non-stop activity and you’re not given time to enjoy the decorations and the spirit of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Christmas Masses, for the liturgical feast day itself, the liturgies and especially the folks I see occasionally, immediate family members as well. The neat thing about how the Church celebrates Christmas is not merely as a day, but as a season. That season concluded with the daily Mass this past Saturday morning. We go about the task of taking down decorations and storing them away until the end of this year. My favorite decorations include the Creche and the Lobster Pot Tree.

It’s difficult work to set up the Creche (thanks to the Knights of Columbus led by Casey Rein for assembling, disassembling and storing the Creche each year) but not so when it comes to the Lobster Pot Tree. The knights set it up and a volunteer or two and I get to decorate the pots. This year my 24-year-old nephew was down visiting and when he arrived I was on the tree decorating; he couldn’t believe such an ’old man’ could jump up and down on the lobster pots. He helped the old man (me) ascend to the top and wrap flashing lights atop the tree. He will one day come to realize that men, even into ’old age’ still have the charism of being a kid within them.  To that end, I took a quick trip down to Provincetown to check out their lobster pot tree this past Monday at 6pm. Our tree is much like theirs but I haven’t been able to replicate their top. After many pictures and keen observation I have some new ideas for next year’s lobster pots. Thanks to Lobsterman Mike Dwayne for letting us borrow his pots, which he lends on behalf of the Marshfield Commercial Fisherman’s Association.

As we come to the conclusion of the Christmas Season I have enjoyed the festivities and the many carols we sing over a two week period, and what I miss on Christmas Day I enjoy throughout the remaining days of the season.  I am relived the season is over and have had my share of carols,  so as we celebrate the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, let us pray that in this New Year our resolve is boosted with Sacramental Grace to serve the needs of the poor, lonely, alienated and poor. Let us also commit to reading our copies of “ Bible Basics for Catholics: A New Picture of Salvation History”, as uncovering the role God for is in Salvation History. The Bible is a source of great instruction and inspiration, let’s make it a rich part of our lives living out the call to discipleship in Christ. 

May God bless this New Year!