A week from this Monday, (February 3rd) the Church celebrates the Feast of St. Blasé.  As in previous years, I once again will be blessing throats.

This is the last week for your chance to take one of the  MacDonald Funeral Home calendars. We will recycle the few remaining copies afterward. A word of thanks to MacDonald’s for sponsoring the calendars this year.

A week from this Monday, (February 3rd) the Church celebrates the Feast of St. Blasé.  As in previous years, I once again will be blessing throats.  Just remember – those who are sitting closest to the front of the Church are first in line for the blessing and among the first out after Mass.

Next Sunday is the FEAST OF THE PRESENTATION OF THE LORD and the Roman Missal affords us the opportunity to celebrate Candlemas. Each year churches throughout the world take this day to bless the candles which we use in our respective churches and homes.  You are welcome to bring any of your candles with you for this special blessing. We are taking this Feast to open up our year of celebration for our 75th Anniversary. I thought we might do this in a bigger way by starting on the day the church blesses candles. Candles, when lit, reflect the symbolism of Christ coming into the world. So it seems liturgically and spiritually significant for us to open our 75th Year by invoking God’s blessing on the light that comes into our church and homes.

This Mass offers a solemn and simple rite; at the Vigil and 10:00am Masses we will have a solemn procession beginning in the chapel. If you are attending these Masses please make sure to come into the Chapel just prior to Mass, as it is in this sacred space that we open the Mass with a prayer and blessing of the candles. After the blessing, we will proceed into the church where upon entering we will hear the “Gloria” being sung by the choir or cantor, and I will recite the opening prayer, followed by opening the Liturgy of the Word. At the 7:30 and 11:30am Masses we will go with the simple form and open with the greeting and blessing of candles.

At each of the Masses we will be providing one candle to one member of each family, which we invite you to take home and light throughout this anniversary year! The candle is 2” in diameter and 4” in height, and there is a nice engraving of our parish logo and the dates of the anniversary 1945-2020.  The candles can be brought home and lit when someone is sick or on the anniversary of someone’s death,  or even when you’re under pressure and need to pray in solace away from your daily distractions. The Church offers sacramentals to help us invoke God’s assistance for ourselves or others, and this is why I brought votive candle stands for the Blessed Mother, Sacred Heart of Jesus Statues. We can’t control when other are seriously sick, but the act of lighting a candle within a sacred space gives us a sense of divine assistance for those we love. I hope the candles we distribute at each Mass may be  used in the same way we light the votive candles in our Church.

You may have noticed that I did not mention the 7:00pm Mass and that is because that weekend falls on Superbowl Sunday and we have a tradition in which we cancel that particular Mass. We normally have about half a dozen folks who attend and that’s not a practical number for that Mass. I hope everyone enjoys the Superbowl and that I see all of you for the launch of our 75th year of life as a Parish Family.