Time is flying by – soon we will be celebrating ASH WEDNESDAY – February 26th

I have decided to suspend Communion under both species through Lent, and will resume the reception of the Precious Blood at the Holy Thursday Mass during Holy Week.  I had hoped not to have to suspend this practice, but shortly after making that decision, I was hit with a bad cold that kept me in bed for five days! Yes, folks, I did get my flu shot on October 1st (which I do every year on that date) but still fell ill. I would encourage all of us to continue the practice of washing our hands and using hand sanitizer; for our part we regularly go around to the various door handles and use disinfectant wipes. 

If you feel sick and find yourself coughing quite a bit, please reconsider the need to get to Mass that particular weekend. God only asks what is reasonable, and would not expect us to drag ourselves into Church when we are seriously sick.  Please know that  I miss it when you’re not able to be at Mass on a particular weekend, but I want you take care of yourselves. A word of thanks to Joe McDonald, whose magic potion of chicken soup was both delicious and curative!

Last week I hit the jackpot! I was busy at 3:00pm to around 3:40pm hearing Confessions. It was great to have this surprise. That same day, earlier in the morning, I heard several First Penances of the Second Graders. I discovered that the confessionals do not have adequate lighting, as the exiting strip lighting has stopped functioning. I have purchased battery operated lights for my Confessional and have ordered additional lighting for the other Confessionals. I also added the Act of Contrition on the side wall, which now is easy to read given the lighting. I am also preparing a sheet with the penance formula, “Bless me father for I have sinned, it’s been ___ since my last Confession and these are my sins…” and will place that in the Confessionals as well. It is my hope that this will help those who have not been to the sacrament of reconciliation for a while.

Time is flying by – soon we will be celebrating ASH WEDNESDAY (February 26th). We have ordered the palms and are about to place the Easter Flower order.  The Art and Environment group, under the leadership of Beth Ann McNulty will be decorating the Church for Lent on Sunday, February 23rd right after the 11:30 Mass.  We are very fortunate to have a good amount of volunteers for this work, but we can always use additional people. At this point the group is working on design ideas for the liturgies during Holy Week as well as the Easter celebration. This Easter I would like to put 40” white wicker wreathes on the windows. I would like to tell you where they sell these, but they don’t, we need to hand-make them. I’m hoping I could get a group of people to make these wreathes. If you know how to do this please contact me either after Mass, by email or a phone call. We would need to start work on this project right away. The wicker wreathes will then be decorated with colorful flowers. I hope we can do this as it will really make the Church look festive for  Easter.

On Saturday, February 29th, the Knights of Columbus will hold their annual Spaghetti Dinner in the Parish Hall. Last year’s dinner featured Jim McLaughlin’s amazing meatballs! We’ll be  selling tickets next week after the Masses.  Hope to see you there!