I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and taking time to relax and get to the beach. I have started to head down to swim most nights at 6:00 or 7:30 but realize that the later time allows for a shorter time in the water. Yes we are on the side of the days getting shorter, which is fine, but I mention this just to remind folks to enjoy what God gives us this day.

This weekend we will celebrate the FIRST HOLY COMMUNION of Theo Mancuso….the blond toe head boy who comes to our Sunday 10:00am Mass. Theo is a nice little kid, full of life, lots of mischief I suspect, and is pretty good at splashing you in the water (I have first hand experience with him…lol). It is a great bit of normalcy in these chaotic times, and I hope everyone at the Mass congratulates him afterward. Theo is one of our summer residents and lives in St. Brendan’s Parish in Dorchester, and so it is a compliment to our parish family that his family him wants to receive the body, soul and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist, here at our seaside parish. Congratulations Theo!

You might notice that in the Mass intentions there always seems to be many Mass intentions for priests. There is a tradition in the presbyterate that when a brother priest dies, each priest is requested to celebrate 3 Masses for the repose of his soul. I adhere to this tradition and at other times remember certain priests more than the three times, depending upon whether I served with them or were friends. It is a great way to thank them for their service while also reminding others of the gift they have been to our Church. The Pilot contains a necrology of the deceased names with dates of their anniversary in their weekly edition. I also use that obituary section to pray for deceased religious and our dear Nuns. Whenever we have a open date for a Mass, I enter one of their names. If you want to remember a loved one remember we have open Masses over the weekend and during the week, and you can contact the parish office to reserve a date, see the box on the left hand bottom corner for more information.

We have been distributing the bulletin after each of the Masses and at the Drive-In Mass. The bulletin can be accessed on line should you want to avoid touching a hard copy. Its helpful to be able to distribute them, we have held off since the beginning of the Pandemic in distributing the hard copies. You might notice the paper quality of the bulletin is much nicer as is the color print. This is the result of our moving from LPI to Pilot Bulletins (which is the archdiocesan printer). Please let me know what you think and drop an email to father.carmichael@usa.net.

I have received several emails from folks asking if we will continue the DRIVE-IN Mass past the Thanksgiving. If enough people want this Sunday 8:30 Mass to continue into the winter months we will find a way to continue.

I would like to find out how many cars would be present so that we could undertake special planning, such as spacing cars (as I presume folks would bee running their cars for heat) and finding a place near the parish hall for a portable closed in-covered space for the Altar and Speaker Equipment. In the coming weeks we will be handing out a survey card which we will give out prior to Mass and collect; it’s important for everyone to fill it out regardless of whether you’ll attend. I would ask everyone’s cooperation so that we might continue the mission of the church to provide the Eucharist to the faithful and care for their spiritual well being. As always, Jesus I trust in you!