I want to thank everyone who has made a pledge to the Grand Annual. To date, we have received pledges of $50,000.00 toward our goal of $80,000.00. We have already started work on the Capital projects and have to-date fixed the roof and installed the first window. It’s my hope that this week we be able to install the remaining windows along the classrooms. We will also be installing clapboard siding as well. I will be asking the Knights of Columbus to help us in removing the shingles prior to that installation. If we remove the shingles ourselves and bring them to the town dump we could save a thousand dollars in labor and removal fees.

I am trying to get someone from the electric company to come down to the church to look at a leakage issue (on their part) so that we can bring in our electricians to undertake the overhaul. I hope to have that work completed by Labor Day week. We have been cleaning out the parish hall and will shutter it to some extent for the winter months. We will be using it for the Outdoor Drive-in Mass.

As I follow the trends in the state I have come to realize that we will not be able to use the hall for CCD Class or any social gatherings until at least the Spring of next year. As a result we can take this time to strip, clean and polish the main floor, and to sand and stain the floor on the stage. We will keep the building heated to a minimum of fifty degrees so that we might prevent any wear and tear on the walls or ceiling. We will also be updating our exterior lighting on both sides of the hall with more efficient lights for the sides and the front, particularly for security purposes. Of course all this work costs money, so again I thank everyone who has made a pledge and helped us fund most of this work. We still need to raise the additional funds. so your pledge helps, and if we could try to wrap up the drive a little earlier it would be appreciated. I am very blessed to have your support.

The Archdiocese was down this past weekend to film our DRIVE-IN MASS and the feedback they gave us was very positive. They spoke about how happy and excited everyone was and what a novel idea this approach to an outdoor Mass has become.

When we see the edited film we will play it at Mass and put it on our website. I was very proud of each of you, and especially the members of the Knights of Columbus. We are always in need of other folks to help us with parking cars, handing out bulletins, as well as Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors. If you’re able to help please contact me at father.carmichael@usa.net.

I was hoping to do our ANNUAL IRISH NIGHT in a DRIVE IN FORMAT on a Saturday night after the 4:00pm Mass. We would have Joe on the scaffolding with his keyboard, and the drums & violin would be on the ground out in front.

We are taking registrations for our CCD-Religious Education Year, which will be held entirely online. As our Church is Eucharistically-based we are asking families to attend Mass either in the Church or at the Drive-In on a somewhat regular basis. Teaching the kids all about the real presence of the risen Christ in the Eucharist and not feeding them this spiritual food will not help them to become practicing Catholics. While I know some are afraid of entering the Church building I would remind folks that we have the Sunday 8:30am half hour drive-in Mass where families can worship together in their SUVs. While I realize you might not be able to get here every week, it would be helpful to have your family attend somewhat regularly.

This Saturday, August 15th at noon time we premiered our first documentary “Our Lady of the Railways” on YouTube. It is a 13 minute documentary telling the story of the first and only chapel that was housed in a railway station in Boston’s South Station. It is a forgotten piece of Boston history that is now memorialized on our YouTube Channel. Let me know if you enjoy it.


Fr.  John F. Carmichael, Pastor