This week’s bulletin cover highlights Jesus feeding the five thousand. One of the best things I love about this parish is that you are so kind to those who are food deprived.

Over the 14 years many of you have went out of your way to bring food for the Marshfield Food Pantry. I would like folks to know its ok to resume those bags of groceries. We send checks to the Pantry along with all of our food collections, but the pantry has done well through your generosity and has opened up to making food available to residents of neighboring towns. We will continue to help our town’s food pantry, but will be taking much of our present food to the food pantry in Brockton which is run by Catholic Charities South. I think it is awesome that our town has reached this point and so it makes sense for us to take your contributions and bring them to the poorest of the poor. If you work near Brockton and would like to help transport the food please let me know.

Our Social Outreach Program has included the Knights of Columbus and their work with Children’s Hospital to run three weeks of Blood Drives in our parking lot these past Wednesday afternoons. The folks at Children’s Hospital want to express their appreciation for the use of the lot and the parish hall, and especially the gift of life giving blood. I also want to thank Ed Burke and his group for coordinating this activity and again promotion the works of the Gospel.

We also continue to collect soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes, shampoo and the like for the needs of our homeless veterans. We will be making trips to the VA South and the VA in Boston with these products, which also include sneakers and various clothing products. Later this week we will be bringing several boxes of brand new clothes to Sewing Seeds for distribution to Marshfield residents. We continue to work in promoting our social outreach works…thanks for your help.

We continue to see an increase of people who are attending the Mass in the Church and an expanded number of folks at the Drive-in Mass.

The Archdiocese called and asked if they could bring someone in from California to film the Drive-in Mass for their Celebration of the Clergy Virtual Dinner. They are highlighting parishes in the archdiocese who have undertaken creative ways to bring forth the mission of the church to their parishes. One of our parishioners if the guest speaker at this Dinner and he was the one who let the chancery folk know about what we are doing with the unconventional six foot in the air Mass…lol. They thought it was creative as well and will be showing up next week to film. They are going to film the parking lot and perhaps interview certain folks, but to do so they will need a written release from you to put it in the film. You are free to decline to be interviewed, but if your not shy, just sign the release. I will get a copy of the presentation and put it on our projectors before the Masses sometime on late September. I will also post it on the website so folks can see themselves. It should be a lot of fun!

We continue to work in enhancing the safety of the interior of the church and will need volunteers prior to Mass to take temperatures, and at the end of mass to handle our bulletins. We also need folks to help us after each mass to sanitize the sacred space, which is pretty easy and with enough volunteers can be done in 15 minutes. Would you consider signing up and volunteering for this ministry, not every week, we have software which you can sign up and volunteer for whatever time your able to offer. Email me:

Fr.  John F. Carmichael, Pastor