I want to thank everyone who has made a pledge to the Grand Annual. We are still receiving pledges, and will be sending out a second mailing this week. If you have already given, but receive a fundraising letter, please know of my appreciation for your gift and my apology for sending you another piece of mail. I am also sending out thank you letters about the same time. This is a very important fundraiser, especially during this pandemic. We have installed the windows on the far side of the parish hall, and two more are awaiting installation. The doors are on order and I hope to have them in soon. The electrical update is a work in progress.

This year’s CCD-Religious Education will be held entirely online. Our Church is Eucharistically-based, so Mass is important, as it helps teach the youngsters all about the real presence of the risen Christ and how it feeds us a special spiritual food that is actually Jesus’ physical body. I realize this is a deep theological matter and encompasses faith and reason. When you discuss this with your children, just speak in simple faith-based terms and convey to them how it is the Host brings God physically into us and that it strengthens us to do good and avoid evil. Take the time to speak to them about what it means when we speak of “being on a pilgrimage” here on earth to get into Heaven. A discussion of Heaven should include who is in heaven and what it must be like to see God face to face. I always like to imagine what Heaven looks like from a physical standpoint. Of course all of this should lead us to putting the kids in the car on Sunday mornings and coming down to our Drive-In Mass at 8:30 (come at 8:00 for a good parking spot). Make this a fun event and explain the historical significance in the life of the Church and remind them that Drive-In Masses will go the way of the Pandemic, but still be a fun story they will be able to relate to their children one day, offering a lighter side to a dark time.

Last Saturday we premiered our first parish based documentary entitled “Our Lady of the Railways” on our YouTube Channel! It is a 13 minute documentary telling the story of the first and only chapel that was housed in a railway station in Boston’s South Station. It is a forgotten piece of Boston history that is now memorialized on our YouTube Channel. You can watch the video by entering our parish name into the search bar, and our videos will come up, then just scroll down to Our Lady of the Railways. Please drop a line or email and let me know what you think.

I’d like to take a moment again to speak about how we can best protect ourselves and others at Mass. Take time to use the hand sanitizer or to wash your hands at the portable sinks, making sure to sit apart six feet from others and continuing to refrain from making the sign of peace in its physical form. I would ask folks to be vigilant about being respectful and not walk down an aisle the wrong way. While I realize those coming in late want to get to their seats quickly and without notice, using the side aisles is troublesome. Remember these measures are for our safety. Our Ushers are here to help you find a seat, and they will guide you in the right direction, if one chooses to ignore them, they have been instructed to let folks pass, but it’s not going to help eliminate the virus. Soon we will be required to check everyone’s temperature at the doors (we already do this with our volunteers) and if some one’s temperature is 100.4˚ they will be asked to go home, so that we might protect others health. This is the right thing to do. So as we approach fall and winter, if you’re not feeling well, please watch one of the weekend Masses online. This also would be expected of those going to the Drive-In Mass, as we would not want the Knights and Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist to contract an illness through interaction with that person. Thanks.

I hope everyone is doing well, it’s so good to see you in the pews and the parking lots. I miss being with you one-on-one! Peace.

Fr.  John F. Carmichael, Pastor