This weekend at the 8:30am DRIVE IN MASS we are passing out survey cards along with pencils, which we would ask everyone to fill out upon receipt. We will come around during the homily to pick up the filled-out cards. The survey will help us to plan for the fall and winter Drive-in Masses. For planning purposes we need to prepare for cars to be spaced farther apart in the winter months as folks will be running their cars for heat. Depending on the number of cars we may need to be spread out over two Masses, which would likely be the 8:30 and 10:00am. If you are wondering how this would work out, we are replacing the double doors in the parish hall, and I will be working with the town to see how we might best accommodate a way to install a temporary platform by the exterior doors, with some type of over head covering, much like an awning. Of course, this depends on the town agreeing to this temporary design. We may have an exterior speaker but the FM transmitter is working and this might turn out to be our best choice for sound and to minimize any disruptions to our neighbors. If it is lightly raining or snowing we would still hold an outside Mass, but certainly if there were an accumulation of than a few inches of snow, we would have to opt to have Mass inside, while broadcasting the FM signal outside. We would establish a special area for folks who want to participate in the Mass from their cars, either watching the livestream and/or listening to the audio on your car speakers, and we would bring Communion to your cars, after which those folks would be encouraged to leave directly after that part of the Mass and prior to the final blessing. That said, it is very helpful for each for you to fill out the survey, even if you are just here for the summer, so we have a better sense of the number of vehicles we would be hosting. Thanks!

Also might I ask our Drive-In attendees a favor? Because everyone is packed in tight together, we need to be careful and considerate of others when we run our car engines. Most folks will run their engines for a minute to cool the car and then shut it off, which reduces any emissions running into nearby cars, but we have one or two cars that run their engines continually, so I’d ask those folks to either park in back of the church away from others, or just idle the car for a few minutes at a time. I hope we are past the humid weather, and that might make it easier to accommodate others. Also for those who are affected by this please know that in most cases there may be a health concern (asthma etc.) that requires that car/person(s) to run the engine continuously.

This week we are installing 14 windows on the side of the parish hall. We are also going to install a clapboard type siding of the lower section and wrap it around the front to the boiler room on the other side. Next year we will re-side the rest of the building, when we can better afford the work. The doors on the hall will be replaced in early September. I am also hoping that we receive enough Grand Annual Gifts so we can invest the $10K into the electrical service. This work is a priority and we need to do it before the cool months to come – my plan is to have this done this month. If you haven’t made a Grand Annual Pledge as yet, please make one, so I can fund this vital work. Thanks to those who’ve made pledges, please keep up the prayers for the GA’s success.

This Saturday is a Holy Day, the Feast of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven,  we will have a Mass on the Vigil (Friday night) at 4:00pm. Don’t forget to dip your feet in the ocean for that special blessing of the feet. Hope to see you Friday.

I was hoping to do our ANNUAL IRISH NIGHT in a DRIVE IN FORMAT on a Saturday night after the 4:00pm Mass. We would have Joe on the scaffolding with his keyboard, and the drums & violin would be on the ground in front. It would be a nice change of pace. Let me know what you think so I can make plans.


Fr.  John F. Carmichael, Pastor