I hope everyone is well this week. Summer always flies by so hopefully you have time to sit back and enjoy the sun and beach! The joke goes, that as soon as July 4th passes the summer is over. Take the time to get out and enjoy nature and the good weather. Just a reminder that a lot of folks seem to be easing up on wearing masks, shaking hands, and hugging friends and relatives. This week I was at two houses of worship where the exchange of peace was conducted, which is strictly prohibited by the state and the archdiocesan guideline. I don’t think any of these actions are being done as a protest of sorts or some action of rebellion, but I do think as the COVID 19 cases diminish in this state, we are becoming lax in our past high standards of hygiene. I worry because this means that some will catch this virus and spread it along to other loved ones. Just a reminder that we have Purell stations, gloves and masks at the ready by the bathroom and in the front entrance of the church; further we have portable hand washing stations on the front steps of the church and by the staging on the Chapel side. It’s summer time and out-of-state folks from Florida, Texas and California (current hotspots) will be visiting and some unwittingly carrying the virus with them and spreading it to others. This is why it is so important to be vigilant and wear a mask, wash your hands, sanitize them when you’re unable to use soap and water, disinfect your cars and houses. I also realize that we will all have family that will invite us to cookouts, but it’s better to stay home for now; if you feel compelled to go, make sure to wear a mask and keep a distance of six feet. Within the spiritual realm these actions can be considered virtuous as ultimately we are ‘loving our neighbor’ and showing honor to God in how we respect the dignity of the human person. Please do your best to stay healthy.

To our Religious Education Families – we will soon start our fall registration, as work to open the Parish Hall continues. If we are allowed to use the space for classes we will stagger them over the weekdays, avoid using the smaller classrooms and have a setup in the main hall  which allows for significant social distancing between the students and the teachers. We are also working on a program which can be accessed over Google Meetings or Zoom. Information to come, please contact Catherine Rein with your questions. We will be holding First Holy Communion in mid-September and the Sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated in late-October.

We are presently working on ways to continue the DRIVE-IN Mass throughout the winter months and I think we have found a way to provide a video feed to an outdoor screen. We will still be able to provide Holy Communion, and will work on the logistics of spacing cars in order that you might keep them running. Should we do this the Mass would certainly be briefer in length given the  carbon emissions! Please let me know if you would attend this type of Mass by emailing me at father.carmichael@usa.net. Thanks.

The Grand Annual has begun and letters have been sent out to households. The work to be done centers mainly on the doors and windows of the hall and the electrical system in the Church.

It would be helpful if everyone made a pledge today, as whether you pay over time or at a scheduled time, it will help us get a sense of this year’s fundraising expectations. I want to thank everyone who has already made a pledge!

To all those watching on LIVESTREAM please know that I am praying for you and miss you so much. Come back soon!

Fr.  John F. Carmichael, Pastor