Happy Independence day to everyone; hope it’s a safe weekend for all of us, and that we all enjoyed Friday night’s fireworks. This has been a nice break amidst this Pandemic. I have enjoyed celebrating the Sunday 8:30am DRIVE-IN MASS and have made it a point to try to get around to each of your cars prior to Mass. I appreciate all the positive feedback concerning this Mass. Please continue to spread the word that we will be doing this through at least the Thanksgiving Day Weekend. Just a reminder that we are making plans to install an FM Receiver on our main audio system so that in the winter months folks can remain outside in their cars and listen to the Mass, and then receive Holy Communion where you are…we are working out an area of the parking lot that could be roped off and for which their would be easy access to receive the sacrament…it likely will be in the lot directly behind the church. In that case we will be able to use a back exit and be feet away from your cars.

Since the outbreak of the Pandemic we have been celebrating daily Mass at 5:00pm with the Rosary and Adoration at 7:00pm.

I have been trying to determine whether to bring back the 7:30am Mass for the summer months, and in the end have decided against doing so. I’d like to explain why. First the neighboring parishes offer an 8:00am and a 9:00am daily Mass, and second, we previously drew about a half dozen people to the morning Mass. I have not taken a day off since early March, and have been working long days throughout that time, and many folks have been telling me to slow down….they are correct and adding another Mass will just add to an already significant work load. I hope you understand and want those who attended the daily Mass to know that I miss them and hope they can switch to the evening Mass, and if not, I hope they will still attend either at Our Lady of the Assumption or St Christine’s daily morning Mass.

We are closing the books for the Fiscal Year and have been working on next year’s budget. It’s tough doing a budget not knowing what the income will be month to month, and so we continue to look at areas where we can cut expenses. I want to thank Joe Cochrane for helping me take printers, copiers, refrigerator, old chairs, couches, table, old limber and the like from the parish hall and bringing them to the town dump. We are ending the lease on a dumpster and will forgo a new one until such time as the parish hall is up, active and operational. The savings on the dumpster will be $800.00 for the year and the savings from going to the town dump rather than getting a construction dumpster will be another $400.00 (dump costs will be in the range of $200.00). I also want to thank Catherine Rein for helping me in cleaning out the main hall and closets throughout the hall, including the boiler room. We are organizing space and preparing to have the floors buffed and polished. We will be doing so major work in the parish hall hopefully with your support of this year’s Grand Annual. We have to replace all the side classroom windows as they are literally rotting and falling off the building, as well as replacing the side doors that have rusted out, and repairs to the roof and ceilings on the second floor. I’ll speak more about this next week.

We have a new bulletin provider, Pilot Bulletins, and want to thank LPI Bulletins who we had been with for 12 years…we moved as Pilot was able to offer us a $1500.00 royalty and $1,000.00 print credit to LPI’s $500.00.

Fr.  John F. Carmichael, Pastor