This weekend we are taking contact information at each of the indoor Masses. Yes, along with the temperature check and masks. Thanks so much for your patience. When we ask for your first name and phone number we will store the information in our safe and will shred them every month from the point of collection. The contact list is for tracing purposes in the remote chance someone attends Mass and discovers they have the virus. We are fortunate the cases in Marshfield are low and that we are in the white section. A few weeks we had a scare. We made calls and found out we had noting to worry about. We notified one of the Public health Commissioners, filed a incident report with the Episcopal Vicar and put in the bulletin. The Diocese told us to undertake contact information for the 2 weeks (this is last week).

A few weeks back we started taking temperatures at the door and you were very cooperative, understanding and patient. Of course I did hear that a few people at one of the Masses did not have the temperatures taken. Our volunteers can get momentarily distracted and then someone gets by, but this can be frustrating to those who object to having their temp taken. What I would ask of you is to make sure you have one of our volunteers take your temperature. If someone has a fever of 100 degrees or higher I am required to ask that person to not attend Mass until they are well. So even if someone does not have Covid but does have the seasonal flu and a temp of 100+ we ask them to stay home and watch the Mass by livestream: If I fail to follow these requirements the Archdiocese, State & Local government can close the Church for several weeks until we follow their mandates.  Let’s make sure we keep one another safe, so if your experiencing any of the symptoms of the virus be cautious, stay home, and contact your physician.

We need volunteers who can clean-disinfect the church and common areas after each Mass, as well as folks to stand at the doors and take temperatures and hand out masks. I need to get back up people. Will you consider putting your name on a volunteer back up list? We will train you. Its simple we have a hand held misting machine with handle and wand; all you need to do is mist the benches, chairs and kneelers, while another person wipes down the doors and handles. Please call and volunteer.

I received an anonymous letter from someone with respect to the upcoming election, which asked me to take up a stand on the candidates. I appreciate the letter’s civic tone.

The Cardinal, in a statement, reminded all priests that they hold a teaching office in the Church, that politics was off limits from the pulpit, and we should keep our political opinions private. He did stress that the Church promotes the sanctity of life from the moment of conception to natural death.

I hope you can understand that to do this is a sacrifice but for the good of all. I’ll keep all of you in my prayers as we deliberate on this important moment. This will be a tough election, at times our neighbors may have different opinions and may back a candidate we are opposed to, rather than center our attention on these differences, lets focus on the goodness of our collective love for our country and her people.

Thanks everyone for the kind notes you have been sending along with your Offertory and Grand Annual donations. If GA trends continue we will surpass our goal. The entire summer collections have exceeded the projected $5100. budget. You are awesome.

This is the last week to order a memorial brick for a loved one, which will be placed around the fish pond. The cost $100.00 for 2 lines and $200. for 3 lines. Please order asap, we can give you an order form at the drive in Mass or after our other Masses,

Our Lady of Perpetual help pray for us!

Mother of Perpetual Hope Pray for us!




Fr.  John F. Carmichael, Pastor