This week we will begin our Catechetical Year. I want to thank all of the teachers and parents who will be helping us to teach our youngsters about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the special relationship our Heavenly Father wants everyone to establish with His Son. It would be nice to have parents pray with their children each night before bedtime with the Hour Father and Hail Mary, and when possible Grace at meal time. While we will be meeting with the children via Zoom on a regular basis, parents will need to step in and take more of an active role in forming their children as disciples of Christ. Both myself and Catherine Rein, Our Director of Religious Education, stand ready to help you, and please either call us or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. This can be a great way for families to come closer together and live in the footsteps of the Holy Family. We will be giving out the monthly packets the last week and first week of each month at the 8:30am Mass.

I am in the process of purchasing a carport for our winter Drive-In Mass. The structure is temporary but is big enough to fit an RV under and thus will cover our existing scaffolding. The cost is two thousand dollars, and I hope to recoup some of that money when we get through the Pandemic. As we move forward with this outside Mass we will still need volunteers to take a turn some weeks helping directing cars into the parking lot, handing out the missalettes (once every quarter, in this case, early November and early, mid February, late May), handing out the weekly bulletin, and giving out Holy Communion. I still plan on coming around to each of the cars and saying hi before Mass. Its important that we keep contact and remember I always stand ready to provide a blessing and prayer. This will be a bit of adventure and good practice for me when I eventually climb Mount Everest!

The Sacrament of Confession is still available and to date I have been hearing confessions right by the Fish Pond Saturday afternoons around 3:00pm.

As we move into the cooler weather I’ll be hearing the Confessions in the three season porch. Unfortunately we are not permitted to use the Confessional booths do to the concerns over Pandemic. Also we are still not permitted to bring Holy Communion to the homebound.

This past week I watched the news with a certain level of shock hearing of parents allegedly sending their teenage son who had the Covid Virus to High School, thereby exposing over thirty students. How unfortunate and how dangerous. The 30 students are being told to quarantine but then how many folks did they come into contact coming back from school. I say all o this because I don’t want this to happen in any church, particularly ours! If your not feeling well please don’t come to Mass. Do remember that we will be taking temperatures as you come to Mass, and should it exceed 100.4 I would ask you to please safely and discreetly leave by a side door and go home and take care of yourself. If your going home alone to an empty house and need some soup or assistance just call the office and I’ll drop some off for you. We do need to take care of one another. Keep praying!

We deep cleaned the Church last week which included shampooing the carpets. I hope to do this on a quarterly basis. Daily Mass will be celebrated in the main church as it is roomier and provide greater protection for worshipers, and from time to time we will go into the chapel to celebrate Mass. In November we’ll be winterizing the Parish Hall and closing it for the season.

We’ve replaced many of the windows in the hall and will be siding the lower half by the classrooms, wrapping around to the boiler room. The doors are on order and should be installed before November. Thanks for supporting this years Grand Annual, next years will fund a new roof. God bless you kindness.

Fr.  John F. Carmichael, Pastor