Each of you realize how cautious our parish’s approach to the Pandemic has been. I’m quite sure it is a bit annoying to have the many announcements before and during Mass relative to social distancing and other safety practices. It is an inconvenience not being able to use the fish pond side door to enter for Mass. Yet I have not received a single complaint regarding this inconvenience. Thank you for understanding. The ‘one way aisles’ are necessary to provide for your safety. The problem with going down the wrong direction of the side aisles is that they are narrow and you could brush up against someone. I realize when we come to Mass a little late we don’t want to advertise it by going down the center aisle, but this is a dangerous practice and can place others in harms way. I also realize that as I say this some will still do this thinking that no one is in that aisle, but people can get up at anytime and need to go the bathroom or leave early, and then you end up brushing against that person. Why put your life and others in harms way for this convenience. Please be safe. Also,  the hand sanitizer and hand wash stations are meant to enhance your health and well being. Be careful!

Last weekend we had our first ever, DRIVE IN FIRST HOLY COMMUNION MASS, and boy was that fun! The kids sat in front of the staging-altar in chairs 6’ apart (both side by side and back to back) while family members sat in their cars or sat-stood in front of the vehicles.

We did allow parents to take pictures of their children but from afar. Thanks for everyone’s cooperation.

We recently had a health scare. The niece of family member of a loved one’s funeral here at the parish had tested positive for the virus, although the family member had quarantined herself and wasn’t permitted to take place in any of the services surrounding the funeral. A concerned parishioner called us to tell us that this person had tested positive and had been around her daughter and was unsure and inquired as to whether she had attended the funeral. She had not and neither had the friend. We have, for our part, cleaned the church and have moved the chains on both sides to enhance our safety protocols we take. We have moved one hand washing station inside the front of the church.  Our rug cleaner to did a deep clean of the floors this past Thursday.

The day before this call came in I had just received my flu shot from CVS. The flu season requires us to take preparatory measures to keep ourselves safe. Beginning this weekend we will be taking temperatures at each of the doors. This is the responsible thing to do and I hope everyone will place aside their civil liberty objections as we only have your health and safety in mind. If someone has a temperature of 100.4 or above they will be quietly led into a side area and shown the temperature (which is the CDC’s guide for a fever) and asked to leave through a side exit. We do not want to embarrass anyone and seek to treat everyone with compassion and respect. This is a reminder to all that if we get up in the morning and don’t feel well, opt on the safe side and stay home and spiritually participate in the Mass through on our many weekend livestreamed Masses.

Now that the weather is cool I am working on the exterior grounds. I cut the hedges this week and have been weeding. I noticed in the fish pond and grotto that bricks or tiles have been covered by shrubbery. I cut back the junipers by the pond. When the roses lose their blooms I will transplant them. I trimmed them significantly last fall but they grew back and obscure the tiles. We will keep the two hidden evergreens and keep the area clear of possible obstructions. We have five brick orders and want to send them in by the end of September, if you’re interested in purchasing a brick, it’s  $100.00 for two lines $200. for three lines. Call and we will send the form, please return asap.       

Mother of Perpetual Help Pray an end to this Pandemic and for us!!!!


Fr.  John F. Carmichael, Pastor