I received a call from a parishioner who complained about a flag that was flying on the esplanade this past weekend, that read:


Unfortunately, the words weren’t, but should have been, BLESS YOUR FEELINGS

I am sorry that we have to see this abuse of free speech, and perhaps a cynical expression for the times; we have kids who see this and it’s a poor reflection of where we are in this election year. How do we handle this situation? Be gracious and patient with others, take no offense, object to this language by striking it from your own lexicon. I am up to $28.00 on the fine jar, which at this rate, Mercy House in Chicago can start thinking about an endowment! I’m serious-I hate that flag, but darned if I don’t use the language. But as the caller said, we should call our elected officials attention to where the sign is so visible to so many. I saw a similar sign on Jones Street that said Vote Dog people **** (stink) – that one I did chuckle over, though people are pretty good!

The last two weekends we were taking contact information at the Masses. How annoying! Yup, even a bit of an invasion of privacy. A few grumbled about this and I don’t blame them. Thanks to each of you for being most gracious and providing this information. I am appreciative of those who allow their temperatures taken and chose to safeguard other’s health in this season of strangeness. We will be putting signs up asking folks to stay home when they’re sick, and advertising that we take temps and require masks. We clean between Masses and take all the safety precautions, and if there is something you think would enhance this effort please email me at father.carmichael@usa.net. 

We have received a permit from the Marshfield Building Department to assemble the RV carport. The carport is 14 feet high and 20 feet long, and under it will be our six foot scaffolding. It is my hope to hold Mass in the parking lot every Sunday at 8:30am regardless of inclement weather. But if it is a blinding snowstorm or a torrential rainstorm we will have to cancel that week. If it’s light rain or light snow, we will have the Drive-In Mass. So how do you find out if we have cancelled the outside Mass? Well, that weekend call the parish number 781 834 4953 and we will have the announcement up front on our greeting. If you want, you can provide us your email address and we can start a cancellation email list. If we have advanced warning we will find a way to put cancellation notices on the existing signs, but frankly, news of a blinding snowstorm via the news channel should suffice. The big issue for me is not standing up there for Mass, but the safety of the Knights who direct the parking and the Eucharistic Ministers who go to your cars.

At last week’s Sunday 7:00pm Mass, I asked for volunteers to be Lectors and Greeters. We need the Greeters to stand at the front door and take people’s temperatures as they come in to Mass. We had six people volunteer. Wonderful!

Thank you! I also need volunteers for the other Masses, as I can’t expect the same folks to do this every week, as there is going to be the occasional week when someone gets sick. So I am asking people at each of the Masses to come forth and volunteer for the following positions: Greeter-Temperature guru, Lector, and folks to help disinfect the church. I am not looking for folks to do it every week, but if you could do it once a month or every other week, it would be most helpful. Please send me an email at father.carmichael@usa.net. We will put together a list with dates and you can pick the times that are convenient to your schedule and the parishes needs.

We keep getting orders for bricks, we will send them out when I get back from retreat (this week).  To order just ask for a order form after the weekend Masses. Thanks for the support!

Fr.  John F. Carmichael, Pastor