This week the Church will be closed after the Sunday 7:00pm Mass and will be closed through Friday night. Living across from the ocean, we have to deal with a lot of corrosion on our mechanical systems. We need to close the church for the week as we are replacing all of the electrical panels and disconnects from the main service. This service feeds the electricity to the church and chapel. Interestingly enough, the electrical line into the rectory comes from a different line-pole and is a separate service. We have had winter storms that have taken out the electricity for the rectory while the line into the church is working. I hope to include pictures of the corroded boxes in the bulletin so you can see the extent of the corrosion. This project is only one of the projects we are funding from this year’s Grand Annual Drive and should cost $10,000.00! Thanks to all those who have supported this work.

I would ask you to welcome the Very Revered Robert Connors, Episcopal Vicar of the Southern portion of the Archdiocese. Father Connors will be joining us today for the Sunday 11:30am Mass as he dispenses the Sacrament of Confirmation. Those who are visiting us will notice the chained off benches, along with signage for the open benches. We have a chapel for the overflow when we exceed the safe capacity for the main church. The chapel has a projection system with sound and Holy Communion will be brought into the Chapel. In the front of the Church is a hand washing station along with hand sanitizer, we also have a bathroom and hand sanitizer by the fish pond side of the Church. We would like to welcome everyone and encourage you to watch out for one another’s health by socially distancing. Please be careful to observe a six-foot distance during Holy Communion and while exiting the church. Thank you for permitting us to take your temperature and jot down your contact information.

A word of thanks to all those who are helping us out with the DRIVE-IN Mass. We have several Knights of Columbus members who attend the 7:30am Mass and afterward proceed to the main parking for lotto direct parking for the 8:30am Drive-in Mass. I realize for those who attend the 7:30am Mass there is some frustration with parking given the needs of the 8:30 Mass. With the new configuration of the parking lot we are going to ask folks to start parking in lines along the street beside the garage and along the wall to the rear of the church. We have folks who show up early for the 8:30 Mass and we need to cue them in a line to safely get them into the main lot (These folks want to be parked directly in front of the temporary sanctuary carport). When you arrive next week we will block off the main lot, but not the street that runs alongside, as well as one coned-off lane on the far side lane by the rear church. This will provide sufficient spaces to park, as well as to exit the property in a safe and quick way. It will mean that some of you will be parking bumper to bumper, but it also means that you’ll be safe and be able to exit very fast. We are all making sacrifices in this Pandemic, so thanks for helping.

Each year we provide turkeys and canned food for the single mothers who attend JULIE’s LEARNING CENTER in South Boston. Would you consider making a donation of a turkey and food stuff? Thanksgiving day falls on November 26th, and so we will need to get the food to Julie’s by Friday, November 20th. I hope to be able to donate 50 turkeys, and hope you can help me.

This Tuesday is Election Day and I would encourage everyone to get to the polls and vote. It is an important year, not only for the Presidential Election, but the two questions on the ballot. The ballot questions are kind of tricky, so take time to read the questions before you head to the polls. Good luck to your candidate, and let’s pray for our Democracy and our Country.

Fr.  John F. Carmichael, Pastor