The beautiful artwork on the bulletin cover this week is the Madonna and Child and is featured this week as this coming Saturday, November 21st, is the Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We will celebrate this Feast on the eve (vigil) at our 5:00pm daily Mass. It’s worth mentioning that since the outbreak of the Pandemic we moved our daily Mass to 5:00pm (from the previous 7:30am morning Mass which was discontinued) as several neighboring parishes offer morning daily Masses) and is held in the main church. We have updated the website with Mass times.

In this bulletin, we have included the Cardinal’s statement on the recent election. I hope you might find a few moments to read through this statement, encouraging civility and compassion.

We received an estimate for fall cleanup and weeding for $950.00, but being sensitive to the needs of the parish, the staff chose to do the work themselves with the assistance of Joe Cochrane and Roger Wells-he attends the Sunday 8:30am Drive-in Mass.

When Roger heard we were doing the work ourselves, he showed up unexpectedly on Monday morning with a gas powered hedge trimmer, blower, wheelbarrel and gardening tools and put in a good day’s volunteer work! I think he was amused with my love for the hedge trimmer and especially leaf blower. The next day he dropped by in the afternoon with a brand new (big) leaf blower which he gifted to me. Christmas in November! I will be using the blower here on our grounds and it will visit my folk’s house in Arlington next week, when I show up Sunday afternoon  with a larger leaf blower then my rich brother brings. Yes, we still compete! It was so kind of Roger, and earlier that day I had the CEO of the local credit union drop by for a quick visit (we have been friends some 30 years now) and he donated a couple of sleeves of Clorox wipes. The parish is blessed with its relationship with Rockland Federal Credit Union, its CEO and especially their outstanding Marshfield Branch Manager, Karen Macedo. God continues to send His abundant blessings to us.

The recent warm weather also gave me the chance to do some things to the outside grounds that I have wanted to do for a while. I, and the others were able to remove two trees and some bushes, all of which were dying. We replaced them with two Euonymus Alatus trees (also known as burning bushes), and a blue spruce. We also relocated the rose bushes from the grotto area to the other side of the church on either side of the handicap ramp. I am all scratched up by the thorns and had no idea how many rose bushes we originally had by the grotto. The reason for the move is that while I have trimmed back the rose bushes at the end of each year, they just grew back faster and overtook the engraved tiles. Unfortunately the grotto has not received the care that the inscribed tiles deserve, but we are taking care of that now, and no vegetation will be allowed nearby, and we will keep the two small alpine trees beside it. They may even start growing, given that they have been hidden from the sun by these rose bushes.

We also took time to cut down the sea grass and trim the trees and shrubbery in front of the parish hall (partly in preparation for re-siding the lower front of the hall) and we also removed one of the daisy bushes, that, while beautiful, needed to be removed as it was felled by the winds. I substantially trimmed the other daisy bush by the side entrance to the hall, in the hopes of keeping it alive. This bush blooms the last in fall and adds more color and life amid the soon to be sleeping Hostas and trees. I want to thank Catherine Rein and Joe Corcoran for helping with much of this work and using a critical eye for the placement of the rose bushes. With all of this work, I think we saved about $1800.00 vs. delegating it to the Landscape company. I tell you this to show we are being careful with your money (donations). Thanks.

Fr.  John F. Carmichael, Pastor