I was sad that we were not able to have the Annual Cookie Walk this weekend, but hope to do so next November. Of course this means I won’t be able to commandeer your chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon sugar cookies. Next year I will!

I’d like to direct your attention to a statement on page 4 regarding the latest state legislation to further loosen the state abortion laws. Certainly it should be our concern that changes are proposed that would be harmful to all parties involved, and the Bishops would ask you to contact your state rep and state senator voicing your concerns to these changes.

We are very blessed to have our livestream broadcast equipment, but not all parishes are as fortunate. We have had ours for five years, starting with one small camcorder and moving up to a professional four camera system. In the church tech conferences I have attended these many years, I have come to understand the need for Catholic parishes to have livestreaming capabilities. When the pandemic hit, some churches chose to livestream through their Facebook and YouTube channels. St. Christine’s in Marshfield Hills is now working to establish a dedicated You Tube channel and they need 100 subscribers to register. If you are able could you visit:


and hit the subscribe button. It would be great if we were able to help them reach that level by the Thanksgiving Day. You might also take time to check out their social media offerings on this channel when they get it up and running. I have been told they have begun their livestreaming their Sunday Mass and I am very happy for their parishioners…there’s nothing like seeing your home church, especially if your away due to the pandemic, illness or travel. Keep them in your prayers as it’s tough to navigate all the logistics of this virtual world.

This week we replaced the buckled & rusted parish hall side doors. I hope to have them painted this coming week. The Grand Annual funded this repairs. Before winter sets in we will side the front lower half of the hall to the boiler room. I want to thank Rob at Foster Lumber for taking the time and his equipment to move the storage shed and the St Vincent DePaul Boxes. This done at no charge to us! If you have any lumber needs I hope you’ll visit his store on Webster Street! I’d also like to thank another Marshfield resident, Dick Fusco, (owner of the local Christmas Décor franchise) for the beautiful decorations. The tree in front of the hall is decked out in multi color lights and truly brings the festiveness of the approaching season. He gave us a big discount this year to bring joy amidst the Pandemic. If you are interested in having your home decorated call him (508) 801-8819.

This weekend we have the Retired Religious Sisters Collection. Due to COVID-19 we are only able to take up the one collection, so please consider adding an additional gift from them, as we will apply the same percentage we contributed last year. Many of us were blessed by their hard work and dedication, this is a great opportunity to express it with our financial and spiritual support. Thanks for your generosity.

We have wrapped up the Grand Annual & Catholic Appeal. Thanks so much for the help on both drives. This Sunday at noon Julie’s Learning Center will be picking up the 50 Turkeys and trimmings. If you want to participate please drop it off to the three season porch. Thanks for all those who have donated!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and be safe!

Fr.  John F. Carmichael, Pastor