This is the 4th Sunday of Advent and Christmas approaches later this week. Covid-19 protocols prevent us from putting CHRISTMAS FLOWER ENVELOPES in the pews. We have only received 6 envelopes. I have spent $1100.00 on the wreathes and alpine roping, and poinsettias. Last Easter I still purchased a large order of flowers (for livestream) and received 3 offerings. I still remembered all the names from the last year with an Easter Novena of Masses. I’ll do the same this year with a Christmas Novena. If you can make an flower offering this year it would be most helpful and appreciated.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas.

In this age of Covid we are having three Drive-In Masses for those who want to attend Mass but are anxious about entering the church. Do remember for your loved ones who are unable to leave their house that we livestream the inside Masses on our website:

Once on the site locate the livestream box on the left upper hand of the opening page, press the button, and on the second screen press the white arrow on the blue screen. For those who are joining us at the Drive-In please make sure to show up early, follow the directions of the Knights, and drive slowly, deliberately and cautiously as you park your car. We have three Drive-in Masses for Christmas weekend, so it’s my hope it will provide everyone with a good view of the outside altar. When receiving Holy Communion, for your safety and ours, please keep your mask on. When the Eucharistic Ministers come to your window, keep your mask on, and they will drop (not place) the sacred Host in your hands. Wait for them to depart, then take your mask off and consume the Eucharist. When you’re ready to depart the parking lot, please be patient- it normally takes us four minutes to empty the entire lot. As you’re leaving, wait a moment, look on all sides, and when you get a signal from the Knights, slowly proceed out of the lot,  heading off with our prayers and wishes for a festive day!

Please share with family & friends that we have these 3 Drive-In Christmas Masses. Given winter and her storms, I have deemed it essential to open the fish pond side door (closed in the pandemic). If you’re entering by this door, make sure to take a right turn up the one-way aisle and if you want a center row seat just proceed to the middle aisle and take another right. Recently at Communion folks were bunching up in the single aisle rather than observing the 6’ distance. Please wait in your pews until it is your time to safely maintain this social distance requirement. We keep the doors and windows open to utilize the natural circulation of airflow to provide safety, and keeping the 6’ distance will also ensure your safety.

One of the neighboring parishes had someone at their Sunday Mass report they were Covid-19 positive. Yikes! If you feel sick or have any of the signs of the virus, please stay home, even if you don’t have a fever.  Better to stay home than to unknowingly transmit it to others at church, especially those who are most vulnerable. The vaccine is on its way! I hope to see all of you this Christmas, but if you’re traveling, be assured of my prayers and well wishes for a:

Merry Christmas” . . .“Buon Natale”. . .”Wesołych Świąt”

Feliz Navidad” .”रिसमस के लिए” “Fröhliche Weihnachten”



The Christmas Mass schedule is:

Christmas Eve Vigil Masses:         Outside Drive-In Masses 1:00pm and 3:00pm Inside 4:30pm

Christmas Day Masses:                  Outside Drive-in Mass 8:30am

Inside Masses 7:30am and 10:00am (There will not be an 11:30 or 7:00pm)

Fr.  John F. Carmichael, Pastor