I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Feast. It was so nice to see so many people at the various Masses. Who would have thought last year at this time, that I would be standing on staging outside, celebrating three Christmas Drive-In Masses! It was so nice to be together to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. I want to especially thank the Knights of Columbus who covered all three Drive-In Masses, providing for the safety of those attending, as well as to the Ministers who brought Holy Communion to each of the cars. Do you like the new winter/spring coats? We had the Knights emblem and Drive-In Mass logo placed on the jacket. In time, it will make a nice piece of nostalgia. A word of thanks to the Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers who assisted me inside the Church, as well as to the folks who manned the livestream broadcast. Lastly, I also want to thank those who helped decorate the Church for Christmas and to the Graham sisters for helping me pick up the flowers from Kane’s Flower World in Danvers. I also got Katie and Marirose Graham to decorate the Christmas Tree in the Rectory, they said I “Huckleberry Finn’ed” them…who me? Lol. I want to thank the Music Ministry for putting on a joyful Christmas Concert a week ago. It was so kind of them to take the gifts God has given them and use them to sing praise and glory to Him. I hope everyone enjoyed the sing-a-long. I hope next year we will have a concert with the pews filled with happy faces.

On Saturday, December 12th, we had someone attend the 4:00pm Vigil Mass, who later that week was diagnosed with Covid-19. We notified the Archdiocese, the Marshfield Public Health Commission, and have placed a notice on our website. The individual was seated by themselves and did not come into contact with anyone in the Church, with the exception of a brief reception of Holy Communion. The doors and windows of the Church were open and there was good circulation of air. We were not able to put this into the December 20th  bulletin as it had already been printed and delivered. Just a reminder, we take temperatures and require contact information and follow all the safety protocols. Regarding masks, I would like to bring to everyone’s attention, that while everyone has been great in wearing them inside, a few have taken the mask and lowered it below their nose. It is important that we wear the mask over our nose and mouth. The same applies to windows being closed, we have to keep them open, so please don’t lower or close them. Also you are welcome to sit in the chapel, where it is more spacious and Mass is broadcast on the wall. Also, if any of our staff members come into close contact with someone with Covid for an encounter which lasts over 15 minutes they will be required to Quarantine for the 10-day standard period. Remember, if you experience any of the flu-like symptoms as well, please stay home, contact your physician, get tested, rest and get better. The Cardinal has released the faithful from the obligation to attend Mass, and so if sick, stay home and prevent others from getting sick.

Thanks to all those who donated funds in memory of a loved one with the Christmas Flower Collection. Your generosity allowed the parish to decorate the Church and Drive-in Sanctuary festively! I hope the decorations lifted your spirits. The great thing is that the Mass was broadcast via livestream into so many homes, so we got ’more bang for our buck’ with this years CFC.

Please note: the Thursday, December 31st, Vigil Mass has been moved to 4:00pm and returns to 5:00om on New Years Day.

Fr.  John F. Carmichael, Pastor