We are working on a 75th Anniversary video which honors this occasion. In December we displayed pictures from over the years on our video projectors in the Church. Many of you indicated that you enjoyed the video, so we are working on one which we can put on thumb drives and send to all our registered parishioners. Mike Hurm, our social media specialist, is working on the project. He asked if I would solicit volunteers to be interviewed after next weekend’s Masses. These are the questions he has:

  1. What is your favorite memory here at St Ann by the Sea?
  2. Are there any memorable homilies that you remember?
  3. What is your favorite story you tell from long ago about events that happened here in the parish?
  4. Can you tell us anything about Father Serina, Father Patrick Gilmore, Father Steve, Father Joe Connolly, Father Leo Cormier, Father Jerry Shea or Father Bill O’Connor? What were they like, what impact did they have on you and your family?
  5. What does the parish mean to you?

If you’re able to help with this project with a quick five minute video interview (socially distanced and safe), please email me at father.carmichael@usa.net.

I hope Mike is able do the interviews next weekend. This is a project that I hope to have finished during the spring months. Stay tuned.

It is that time of year for tax receipts. In the first quarter of 2020 a special tax law was enacted for that year, that would allow for a deduction of up to $300.00 for a cash donation (credit card/checks included) regardless as to whether you make line item deductions! For those who put loose checks in the collection, we have listed them in our software so that we can provide a letter regarding that donation. If you have donated through an envelope (whether cash or check) we have a record. Friends, don’t forget to take this direct deduction from your taxes. If you need a letter for the IRS please contact the office at office@stanns.net.

Given the super spreader form of the Covid 19 Virus, the state has restricted our  Masses to 25% capacity, which with our present numbers is not an issue, and we have the use of the chapel to provide greater distancing.

Certainly if you feel you want extra room please utilize the chapel. Baptisms are now restricted to 10 people, with only immediate family attending being preferable. The Funeral Policy now will require us to limit the number of people to 30 people in the church and another 10 people in the chapel. I encourage folks to please consider staying with the 30 people maximum. Anyone attending a funeral is asked to space themselves at least 6’ away from anyone outside of their immediate household. We continue to maintain a contact list, and are leaving the windows and doors open. We sanitizer thoroughly after each Mass.

Due to the increased spread of the virus, I have chosen to stay in the rectory and restrict my travel to my parents house in Arlington only. I have been blessed to dine at your homes and to see a handful of families on a regular basis. I will not be doing that anymore until I receive the vaccine. If I were to get it we would not be able to have Mass here for two weeks. Being able to be present to you in the Mass is my priority.

Fr.  John F. Carmichael, Pastor