This week we observed the Inauguration of President Joe Biden and our Vice President Carmella Harris. The day started with the president entering into the perfect Prayer of the Church, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

A significant part of our Catholic Spirituality is sacrifice, and to that end, to contribute to our nations healing from its present division, pray for the success of the three branches of government. Pray for the President and His Cabinet, be led by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, making decisions which reflect the interests of all of humanity and the citizenry of our nation.

This sacrifice comes more so for those who supported another candidate, but for those who did vote for the current office holder, sacrifice can be reached in deferring from offering an opinion with the first group, avoiding negative remarks of the former president, and keeping all remarks as hopeful in nature, all of this will do much for the need for healing of division and acrimony. But especially let us pray for our Country and that she unity come, and the agitation of foreign elements be stopped. To quote Robert Louis Stevenson and an anonymous quote: “There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it behooves us all not to talk about the rest of us.” and “Kindness and courtesy cost nothing, yet yield great dividends.” I have always thought one of the greatest parts of our nation’s citizenry  is our ‘can do’ attitude. We can help change the narrative with gentle lips and kind hearts.

Each January we observe the Right to Life movement and the we seek to assist them by holding a baby shower. Next weekend 1/30-31 we will have the baby cribs at each entrance the gifts. There is always a big need for diapers, baby clothes, formula and the like. I will also be putting a basket by the chapel where those entering the Drive-In Mass can give the gift item to a Knights of Columbus representative who in turn will place in the playpen.

Living in the suburbs of the South Shore it’s harder to see the need of the poor and disenfranchised. As a result they do not register in our minds as well. Yet the need is great and needs to be filled by folks like you and I. I have noticed that the contributions to the Food Pantry are way down. For thirteen years we have been the single largest organization to donate to the food pantry, an accomplishment which has always been inspirational.

I was watching an archdiocesan conference on increasing offertory, one of the priests, Father Carlos Flor from Jamaica Plain, spoke about the difficulty in keeping his three inner city parishes open. But what inspired me was by his focus on feeding the poorest people in his parishes. When the pandemic hit he and his Parochial Vicar, went into the neighborhoods and started giving out the food they had left in their shelter. I will be sending along a check for the food pantry, but would like to add their food pantry to the one here in Marshfield and the one in Brockton. I need everyone’s help, especially the DRIVE-IN MASS folks. Each week could you bring food and we will have a designated drop off where you can hand it I through your window as you enter the parking lot, or if you are afraid of this contact, perhaps you could put the bag outside your car door and at the offertory time someone will come along to pick it up. We have had so many blessings come upon our parish family, among them thirty-five weeks of sunny weather for our Sunday 8:30am Drive-In Mass, as well as the 160 families who regularly attend the Mass and are fed spiritual food in the Eucharist. The joy that we experience inside the Church and our outside Church is a tremendous grace and blessing. Lets show God how much we appreciate his Divine Favor. Help this cause.

Father Carmichael