Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. The holiday remembers the life of Saint Valentine of Rome who lived in Rome during the third century; his saint’s day has since the middles ages, been associated with the tradition of courtly love. His name was Valentine of Terri and he died on February 14th, 269. The first Valentine’s which was celebrated as in 496, which makes this the 1,525th celebration of this holiday of love. Let us take some time today to pray for those who are courting (I feel old), that is, for those discerning marriage, may the Holy Spirit be with them and guide them in this important decision and commitment.

I recently received my letter from the Archdiocese concerning the 2021 CATHOLIC APPEAL. The Catholic Appeal is the annual fund that supports more than 51 central ministries that enrich parish life, Catholic schools and the lives of those who turn to the Church for assistance. 

Your charitable gifts for the food pantries in Jamaica Plain and Roxbury, your continued support of the food pantry that catholic Charities runs in Brockton, give God Glory in ways we can’t see with our eye, but which our hearts can sense. All that each of you do now for the poor pleases your Heavenly Father and continues the ministerial outreach of Jesus. As Jesus disciples we clothe ourselves in His work and ministry when we continue the work His father engaged Him in. The Catholic Appeal is further outreach beyond food to include so many other services to the poor and to immigrants, as well as to the homeless, mentally ill, and those fighting addiction to narcotics. If you have given in the past, you will receive a letter, and I would ask you to respond with your typical generosity. We will be launching this year’s campaign in early March and will be able to show a promotional video at the Masses and will post the same video on our website for those who attend the drive In Mass. I hope that our parish will be able to reach our goal and fund the important work of these Archdiocesan programs.

Last weekend we handed out the quarterly missalettes at the drive-In Mass. If you need an extra copy, or missed last week’s Mass,  please let one of the Knights know and they will bring one to your car. This week we are passing out “Daily Reflections for Lent: Not by Bread Alone 2021” at the Drive-In and inside Masses. The books are small in size and can be kept on your bedside tables, offering you a quick daily mediation for Lent.

This Wednesday is ASH WEDNESDAY and the Mass schedule includes a Noon Time (12:00pm) Mass in Church and a Outside 4:30pm Drive In Mass. For those who want ashes on their forehead, they will be distributed after the homily, and by way of a disposable Q-tip.

The Q-tips will be collected and burned given that the residual ashes have been blessed. The following Wednesday we will resume OUTSIDE CONFESSIONS with the “Light is on for you” program. Each Wednesday (not on Ash Wednesday though) from 6:00-7:00pm I will be sitting in my car in front of the outside altar, heated seats on the ’on’ position, with my drives side door to the rectory. All you need to do is drive up with your driver’s side door to my driver’s side door. If there are children or ore than one person, I will get out of my car and hear your confession by the shed.

I want to thank Jack Hanratty, Vice Chair of the Parish Council for arranging the monthly zoom Parish Council Meeting. I provided them with an update on the Catholic Appeal and the work we are planning on the front entrance to the Church.

Father Carmichael