As we enter into the Third Week of Lent, it’s time to remind everyone of our Easter Flowers Envelopes. This year, given the outside Drive-In Mass, I have ordered additional flowers-the order is with Kane’s Flower World in Danvers. We are passing out flower envelopes at the Drive-in Mass, and attached them to the bulletins which are passed out after Mass. Your loved ones can be memorialized and their names will be listed in the Easter Bulletin, but more importantly, will be remembered in a Novena of Easter Masses, which spans 50 days. . We have also placed the Palm order, which we will be allowed to distribute at the Palm Sunday Masses. The Easter Candle has been ordered and can be memorialized with a loved one’s name – an offering of $200.00 would be helpful to cover the cost. We will designate the candle for the first person who reserves it. The candle itself is blessed at the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday. This Pascal candle is lit throughout the Easter Season, throughout the month of  November, and at Funerals and Baptisms. We will acknowledge the memorial gift throughout the month of April in our bulletin as we do for those who sponsor the monthly wine and candles.

Your financial support is necessary to make all of this possible. We also spent $900.00 on the new banners that are affixed to the patricians.  The Lenten canvas banners in the sanctuary were purchased over a three year period and cost approximately $3500.00 which was covered by our bulletin royalty payments at that time. Recently, we expended $800.00 to build a 20-cubbyhole permanent rack system to hold the 3 year-5 week Lenten series, with additional cubby holes for Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday,  Good Friday and Easter. Every three years we cycle back to the canvas banner we have up this year and the cubbyhole system allows us to care for canvas banners and extend their life. We will also use this storage for the new banners. Your gifts to the offertory collection help us fund these projects and permit me the ability to make our church look so beautiful.

This week we sent the following charitable donations: $1,000.00 Marshfield Boys and Girls Club for Families-in-crisis; $500.00 Catholic Charities Brockton Food Pantry; $500.00 St. Mary of the Angels Food Pantry; $1500.00 Marshfield Myles Standish Knights of Columbus; $500.00 Marshfield Food Pantry and $1,000.00 to the Constanza Medical Mission.

Each Easter we provide hams, with trimmings and vegetables for single mothers who participate in Julie’s Family Learning Program in South Boston. These are women who are trying to get back on their feet and start a new career to provide for their families. I would like to also provide hams for folks who are fed through St Mary of the Angels Food Pantry. Can you donate a ham? We will store them in our freezers, but it would be helpful if you donate a ham under six to eight pounds. I realize you do so much for the food pantries to begin with, so forgive my boldness in asking for more. By donating, in addition to undertaking a Corporal Work of Mercy you are glorifying God this Easter by feeding the poor and needy. I pray that God’s abundant blessings shower down upon your family.

In drawing up an Easter Sunday Mass schedule I’d like to provide means for many folks to come and worship in a safe environment. We will have two Drive-in Masses at 8:30 and 10:30 and two in-Church Masses at 7:30 and 11:30. We will have live music at the Drive-in Masses and the 11:30 Mass. There will be no 7:00pm Mass on Easter Sunday but it will resume the following week.

Father Carmichael