Today we celebrate the 4th Sunday of Lent, “Laetare Sunday”, which gets its name from the traditional Latin entrance hymn, “Rejoice, O Jerusalem.” In Catholic Churches flowers may appear on the high altar and the organ may be played as a solo instrument. Priests wear rose-colored vestments. The day is considered one of relaxation from normal Lenten rigors, a day meant to focus on hope as we near Easter Sunday.

This Wednesday we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. We do so in a different way than last year. It has been a year since the beginning of the Pandemic was marked with closings of Churches, businesses and other establishments. A year later we have vaccines being given to millions upon millions of people across the globe. What a great way to mark this day, by attending our 5:00pm daily Mass, giving thanks to God, praying for an end to the pandemic and a return to normalcy. You are welcome to join us in person, or virtually through our website:

Now halfway through Lent, we continue to focus on the 3 pillars of Lent: Prayer, Fasting & Almsgiving. I suspect each of you has been excelling in these Lenten practices.

Time and again, I mention your huge response to the food drive for the Brockton and St. Mary of the Angels (Roxbury/JP) Food Pantries. This weekend we will be bringing more food to the Roxbury/JP Collaborative Food Pantry at St. Mary of the Angels in Roxbury. Thanks to the Sanborns, the Dillons, the Garretts, the Burkes, the Goldens and Joe Corcoran for transporting the food. While most of the food collected comes from the Drive-In Mass, we also get a good amount from folks who drop off food at the weekend Masses and during the week. This act of Almsgiving was matched last weekend with the weekend collection where we received $6,732 in the offertory collection! I believe these blessings come from God because of the important work we are undertaking to reach out to our neighbor. So, as we continue this walk through Lent, let us continue to maintain fasting and to pray for one another  and all those in need.

I watched the Harry-& Meghan interview, listening to the pain they feel with the family problems they are experiencing. I feel badly for them and for the entire Windsor Family, not only for having the world made aware of their family’s dysfunction, but the estrangement that money and power may have played in this moment of their lives. Let us pray for them and for all our families who experience similar problems; that the Lord’s Prayer may move our hearts to offer or seek forgiveness, and to find the unity that Jesus’ Sacred Heart calls us to. If you have a family member you’re estranged from, ask your Heavenly Father for the strength to bring about resolution and unity.

Thanks to those who have sent in EASTER FLOWER OFFERINGS. If you haven’t yet, won’t you consider doing so this week? A word of thanks to Annmarie King for donating-memorializing this year’s EASTER PASCHAL CANDLE.

On Palm Sunday Julie’s House will be here to pick up the donated hams. If you could donate a 5-8lb ham it would make Easter that much more festive for folks.

Father Carmichael