This is the Fifth Sunday in Lent and we continue to move closer to our Easter Celebration. Next week we will celebrate Palm Sunday, which will include reciting the Passion Story, and Palms will be distributed before the Drive-In Mass, and after the Masses inside the Church. We will be sending out our EASTER CARDS this week which will include the Holy Week Schedule and a St. Joseph Prayer Card (this year the Holy Father has dedicated it to Saint Joseph).

A reminder that in Holy Week we will include Outdoor Confession Wednesday night at 6:00-7:00pm, Tenebrae on Wednesday at 7:15pm, Feast of the Lord’s Last Supper on Holy Thursday at 7:00pm, Stations of the Cross 12:00pm Good Friday, followed by the Passion of the Lord Service at 3:00pm, and Easter Vigil on Saturday evening at 7:00pm.

Our Easter Day Masses will include two indoor and two outdoor Masses. Those who regularly attend our Sunday 7:30 Mass please note: we have moved up that Mass one half hour to 7:00am. This will help us to move traffic earlier for the first of two Drive-In Masses (8:30am and 10:00am). Also for those who normally attend the inside 10:00am Mass, for Easter Sunday only it will be moved outdoors. We will have an indoor 11:30am Mass. Both the indoor and outside worship spaces will be decorated with various flowers and decor.

I am hoping to collect about 80 hams for Julie’s Place and St Mary of the Angels Food Pantry. An anonymous parishioner also sent that Food Pantry a check for $500.00; coupled with the parish’s $500.00 contribution, they will be able to afford a larger refrigerator.  With respect to the hams, it would be helpful if folks brought them to one of the Palm Sunday Masses. The hams and produce are being picked up on Palm Sunday a little after noontime. What a great way to make our Easter that much more festive knowing that we provided a feast for a family that is struggling. It’s also a great way to undertake the CORPORAL WORKS OF MERCY.

If you are able to make a donation for the EASTER FLOWERS we would like to print your loved one’s name in the Easter Bulletin. The deadline for the names to be inserted into the bulletin is the Monday after Palm Sunday. If your envelope comes in later we will add the names to the following week’s bulletin. Your support of the flower collection will provide for some very beautiful mums, tulips, lilies and hydrangeas for Holy Week and Easter.

The Easter Collection is directed exclusively to the Clergy Health Benefit Trust. The funds are used for the retirement needs of the Retired Priests of the Archdiocese of Boston. Your support is very much appreciated and know that you are remembered in their prayers.

Pray for good weather on Easter Day!

Father Carmichael