Today we celebrate Palm Sunday, which marks Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem. We enjoy the festiveness of this day and prepare for the solemn celebration of the Easter Triduum. His entire public ministry had as its mission, to reach Jerusalem. We mark the time of His fateful trip into Jerusalem, where He would preach in the temple, have the Passover meal (Holy Thursday), soon thereafter to be arrested (Garden of Gethsemane), and His trial and Crucifixion (Good Friday). This Wednesday night at 7pm we will be back in the Church to celebrate the ancient liturgy called TENEBRAE. The hour-long liturgy consists of seven readings centered on the salvation history, each one followed with a hymn and brief prayer. There are only a few parishes in the Archdiocese who hold this liturgy, and it is worth experiencing a very moving entrance into the actual Triduum.

We will be passing out Palms today after each of the Masses held inside; they’ll be brought to your car at the outside Drive-In Mass. We have a limited supply, so we need to limit the Palms to two per person. I thank you for understanding.

A word of thanks to the handful of folks who offered to memorialize the Easter (Paschal) Candle. Annmarie King was the first one to approach me on Monday morning a week back. This is a longer candle (40” in height) and the craftmanship is very beautiful . It will be blessed at the Saturday 7pmVigil.

For those who usually attend the Saturday Vigil Mass, please remember next Saturday is the EASTER VIGIL at 7:00pm. As such, there will not be the normal  Saturday 4:00pm Mass. On Easter Sunday morning we are moving the 7:30am Mass up to 7:00am. AGAIN, EASTER SUNDAY’S FIRST MASS IS AT 7:00AM, a half hour earlier than our regular time. The SUNDAY 10:00AM Mass will be a DRIVE-IN MASS outside. We will have the 7:00am and 11:30am inside and the 8:30am and 10:00am Masses outside as Drive-in Masses. The last Easter Mass is at 11:30am, inside the Church. WE WILL NOT HAVE A 7:00PM MASS ON EASTER NIGHT, so those who attend that Mass should plan accordingly and attend one of the earlier Masses. See the Bulletin page 5 for the full Holy Week schedule.

For those who usually attend the DRIVE-IN MASS, I am sorry to say we are losing our DJ-audio guy. I am happy to say DJ DREW (Andrew Borovietz) landed a position in the Marriot Management Training Program starting in late May. I am so happy for him! Drew has been with us since the first Drive-In Mass, last Memorial Day. We now need to find someone who we can train to replace him, so if you know of anyone, please contact me at

Thanks to those who have made offerings with the EASTER FLOWER ENVELOPES. On Bulletin page six we have listed the names of those for whom donations have been made in memoriam. If you made an offering and your loved one’s name does not appear on this list, please call us by Monday 1:00pm as that is the EASTER BULLETIN DEADLINE. For those who have given today, we will make sure to get the names in the bulletin by Easter Sunday.

A word of thanks to everyone for your support of the parish!

Happy Palm Sunday!

Father Carmichael