Today we celebrate the sealing of the Fourth Covenant between God and Humanity. This is a new and eternal covenant (agreement) between God and all people. Previous covenants were established with the Chosen people and the Jewish people; this covenant now includes Jews and Gentiles. Like our elder Jewish brothers and sisters, who began their Passover last Saturday evening, and which concludes on this evening, we too are called to be faithful to the Ten Commandments. On this Easter Day we should thank God for them and for the Hebraic writings which we use to draw closer to God and use in the Liturgy of the Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours. It is because of their struggles, forged over thousands upon thousands of years, that we enjoy so many Jewish rituals that brought about the Davidic line from which Jesus descends; a faith that formed the parents of John the Baptist and the Blessed Mother, a faith that brought forth great teachers of faith from our Great Fathers in Faith – Abraham, Isaac and Joseph.

It is also on this Easter Day that we celebrate Jesus’ victory over death, His triumphant entrance into Heaven, and the opening of its gates for many of our loved ones.

As we receive Most Holy Communion, let us thank God in the warmth of our heart for the body, soul and divinity of Christ, Who we receive in the Eucharist. Did you know that when you receive Communion, you can offer it up for a special intention? You can also receive it as a means to give Glory to God. As acknowledgement of thanks, we should let the spiritual food we receive lead us to acts of love and kindness, and in this age of Covid, perhaps acts of patience and forbearance.

On Palm Sunday we broke a record with 181 cars at the 8:30am Drive-In Mass! Last Sunday makes the 48th week in a row in which we celebrated this Mass absent of rain or snow – 99% of the time we have enjoyed great sunlight.

I want to thank everyone for your continuing ministry to the poor and needy. As we live out the 4th Covenant with Christ Jesus, many of you have clothed yourselves in baptism, as you bring so much food to those in need. This last weekend I boldly asked you to contribute 80 hams for the folks of St. Mary of the Angel Parish in Roxbury/JP, and 40 hams for the single mothers at Julie’s Learning Center in South Boston. We ended giving 43 to Roxbury. 40 Julie’s and an additional 28 hams to Catholic Charities food Pantry in Brockton! What a tremendous Easter for me and for those whose Easter tables will be blessed by your gift. Be assured of my prayers for such goodness.

This past week we had the grounds prepped for Spring, with cleaning, weeding, edging and new mulch, at a cost of $1600.00. While I would like to have done most of this myself, we have a landscaper who takes care of snow removal, and we got off easy this year. He needs to eat too, and feed some hungry mouths. Also we opened the pond (at long last!) and the fish are happy and active. We also brought out the benches and planters.

Would you please commit to your prayers the repose of the soul of John Murphy (Marie’s husband) who will be buried from here on Monday at 10:00AM. He was a gentle soul and a kind and faithful man – if you had him as a friend, you were set for life. Directly after his Funeral, I’ll travel to St. Camillus in Arlington (my home parish) to bury Patty Powers (Bob Power’s wife and Julie’s mom) at Noon. Please pray for their families.

The EASTER COLLECTION is directed entirely to the Clergy Health Benefit and Retirement Trust. Thank for your generosity.


Father Carmichael