I want to thank everyone again for the generous Easter offerings. We sent in a check for $10,500. to the Clergy Benefit Health Trust Fund, as well as another check for $503.00 for the Holy Land. I appreciate everyone’s support of the Parish during these difficult times. Most of all, I was overwhelmed with the donations of 111 hams from so many parish families, and for the continuing shopping bags of food you bring each week. We have afforded St. Mary of the Angels Parish in Roxbury to be able to bring more food to more families, and the once bare shelves are full each week because of your kindness. I pray that God reward those who donate food with abundant blessings. If you have the opportunity to join this group, if just by donating a single can of beans or box of pasta each week, glorify to God. Keep it up everyone!

As we continue to move through the Easter Season we start to pare down the flowers, and often rearrange them according to what the healthiest ones look like. I am still waiting for the pink lilies to bloom, and when/if they do, they will extend the time we have with the lilies. I want to thank those who water and care for the plants both inside and outside the church.

A word of thanks to Mass Irrigation (parishioners Mike and Bernadette White) who this week, had their employees repair the irrigation lines and turned on the system. Each year they send men here to open and close the system and send an invoice that always reflects a zero balance. They are a big part of why the grounds look so beautiful.  Keep them in your prayers.

In a week’s time we hope to begin replacing the shingles on the parish hall roof. This should take a few weeks and it will allow us a summer’s worth of time for the shingles to bake under the sun and seal. We have a lot of wind that hits the building and putting a roof on in the spring allows us to ensure a stronger bond. Over the past winter we have had two Nor’easters that took off many shingles, and while we replaced them the first time, more came loose in the second storm. Because of the leaks we will move inside to the hall and make repairs.

I hope to be able to open the parish hall by this fall, and hope to raise sufficient funds in the Summer Grand Annual Drive to replace the cabinets in the kitchen, install a new exhaust system for the stove, and replace the front kitchen window with one that slides open. The existing window does not open and makes the kitchen that much hotter to work in for the Knights of Columbus.

While they are replacing the roof, they will also install the silver cross that used to sit atop the Church. The cross was taken down when we replaced it with the two existing ornate crosses that came from the now closed Saint Catherine’s Church in Charlestown. It will be nice to retain the old Cross and bring it back to active use.

 Enjoy the sixty degree weather this week, I hope to be in New Jersey and New York, as I am visiting Sr. Mary Catherine in Summit, New Jersey. Will be going to a few museums as well.

Father Carmichael