This weekend we welcome to our parish, Father Tom Hagan, a missionary priest from a non-profit missionary organization called  Hands Together. Their group’s mission is to help the poorest of the poor in Haiti. Hands Together’s approach is about building relationships with one another., believing believe every human being is loved infinitely by God, and by implication that creates dignity and worth. Please give as your means affords.

As we take up only one collection at the Masses, I would ask, if you want to make a contribution, to write the check to the Propagation of the Faith. If you would like to make a cash donation please request an envelope from one of the Knights of Columbus and put it in the envelope along with your regular offering – this will make it easier to direct your gift to the correct entity. The parish will also supplement the check that is sent along to the Propagation of the faith for the work of “Hands Together.” Your past support for the Constanza Medical Mission which works in the neighboring country of the Dominican Republic reflects your love for the poor, and it my hope this group will find your support and favor. God Bless you!

Last week I had hoped to visit my spiritual sister in Summit, New Jersey, unfortunately she was in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for the week, helping in a different cloister which needed help with the elderly population of nuns. She will be home this week, and so as you read this bulletin I will be back.  I will take a few days in Summit and then an additional day visiting a priest friend in Manhattan. I will be back in New Jersey in early June for a priest’s retreat and the week of July 4th for a week of continuing theological study. Both weeks will be on the beach and will be filled with a great deal of priestly fraternity. The priests who attend are principally from NY, NJ, PA and Delaware, and I am the lone Boston priest, with the exception of the Rector who is a Redemptorist (my age) who grew up in Mission Hill. We hold our own with the New York priests and enjoy teasing one another!

We got the permit from the town to start replacing the shingles of the roof of the parish hall. It is my hope that as you read this column, much,  if not all of the work, will be undertaken. After this project, we move to the electrical system, which requires us to relocate the exterior meter box and service from one side of the handicap ramp to the other side. The cost for the project will increase the overall cost, but we have funds from last year’s grand annual to fund the increased expense.

This weekend we held FIRST HOLY COMMUNION for the second grade children. It is always so nice to see these younger boys and girls enter into a new stage of their faith life, with reception of the Eucharist, that is, the body, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. Earlier in the week four Alex and Adam Briere,  Samantha Bertino and Laura Oakley received the Sacrament of Confirmation, which was held at St Mary of the Nativity Church  in Scituate. If you are an adult, have already received 1st Holy Communion, but not yet Confirmed,  but would like to be confirmed and be sealed in the Holy Spirit, please contact us at to arrange for preparation.

Father Carmichael