In our Masses this weekend we will take time to offer prayers for all our Mothers, both those who are with us and those who have passed into eternal life. Mother’s Day affords us time to thank God for the gift of Motherhood, and the example that our Blessed Mother offers in becoming a handmaid to the Lord. Mothers glorify God in so many ways  and oftentimes their labor is known to God alone. I want to wish my mother, and all the mothers in our parish, prayerful best wishes on this happy occasion. We will be crowning the Blessed Mother statue in the Church at the  Saturday 4:00pm and Sunday 10:00am Masses. As we do so our soloist will sing an old classic, “Bring Flowers of the Fairest.”

This coming Thursday we will celebrate the Feast of the Lord’s Ascension into Heaven with a 5:00pm Mass. Normally I take this night off as an overnight, but will switch that with Friday, so we will have Mass on Thursday and a Prayer Service on Friday evening. Now that the weather is getting warmer, remember we celebrate Mass daily at 5:00pm in the main church. Hope to see many of you at Mass on the Holy Day, and remember if you can’t make that time the neighboring parishes have morning Mass.

I want to thank each of you for your support of the work that Father Tom Hagan is doing in Haiti through his organization called “Hands Together”, providing dignity and hope to the poorest of the poor in Haiti. Through your generosity we will be sending along a check to the Propagation of the Faith for $3500.00! I took Father Hagan out to the Fairview for dinner, and he spent a great deal of time telling me of all that the organization has done to help the people in Haiti, as well as the challenges they have to help lift these folks out of poverty. I was amazed at the stories of violence that he described. He invited me to visit him in Haiti, but after he told me of the five priests and two nuns who have been kidnapped, and that they do not even know if they are alive, I chose to decline the offer. I tell you this to impress upon all of our hearts the need to pray for him and for his volunteers. At age 79 I was amazed at his pace! He arrived in the US on Friday evening and returned to Haiti on Monday morning. While here, he spoke at our Masses and on Sunday afternoon met with a group from Springfield where his organization is headquartered. I did get a good laugh when he broke into my stash of Monster drinks and had two on Saturday and Sunday! If you want to send a check to him directly it should be made payable to “Hands Together” and sent to PO Box 80985 Springfield, Massachusetts 01130. If you would like additional information, visit their website at or email them at info@handstogether.

This parish has received abounding grace from God, and so many good blessings have come upon those who attend our indoor and outside Masses. I believe the blessings come from the extraordinary generosity you have made to the three food pantries we are supporting, as well as the Missionary endeavors to “Hands Together” in Haiti and the Constanza Medical Mission in the Dominican Republic. I want to thank each of you and the many volunteers we have transporting the food and the Knights of Columbus who have been collecting the food.


Father Carmichael