I hope everyone enjoyed Mother’s Day. After the 11:30 Mass I headed over to the parish hall and spent the afternoon cleaning out the storage shed, boiler room and hall. It was an opportune time to do this as we still had the dumpster on the property from the roofing job. I couldn’t have the dumpster leave the premises half empty! We have a few facia pieces we need to replace on both sides of the hall, but could not do at the time because the dumpster was located in front of one of the areas that needs repair. This completes the roof replacement project for the four buildings on the property. We will be moving into the interior of the hall to make improvements, which will include demolition of  the existing kitchen cabinets and counters, enhancements to the exhaust system, and replacement of the kitchen windows. I hope to fund this work and the renovation work to the front of the Church entranceway through the coming 2021 Grand Annual Drive (which we launch July 4th weekend).

The work that we will be doing in the Parish Hall will be done during the summer and early fall months. As we continue to plan for the return to the use of the hall we are keeping an eye on how to utilize the space while providing better ventilation and Covid safe measures. CCD will be moved to the weekdays only. There will be more information provided in early June for CCD Registration and we will post the information in the bulletin.

Several folks have asked me about whether we will continue the OUTDOOR DRIVE-IN MASS. The answer is simple – YES. Given that the Pandemic is expected to reach out an additional year, the need for this Mass is absolute. We will be holding the Mass through the upcoming Winter and following Spring.

I want to remind everyone that we are able to continue this Outside Mass because of the assistance of the Marshfield Knights of Columbus and the help of our Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors. Which reminds me, we need additional lectors at the Drive-In 8:30 Mass. You do not have to be registered in the parish to volunteer for this ministry. Please email us at info@stanns.net and let us know of your availability. Your commitment to this ministry can be minimal (a few weeks lectoring) or something on a more regular basis. Also if you are a man, age 18 or older, you are invited to consider joining the Knights of Columbus. If you’re interested, please speak with one of the Knights and they will provide information.

For future planning, I will be away from the parish the first week of June for a Priesthood Retreat in Long Branch, New Jersey (Sunday afternoon through Thursday), and then back there for a study week (leaving July 4th afternoon through that Friday). Imagine spending July 4th week on the Jersey Shore. Please pray I don’t run into traffic that afternoon! It’s nice to spend time with the priests in NY, NJ,  PA and Delaware. Please say a prayer the Yankees continue to play at their present level – LOL!

Just a reminder that we keep a list of all the servicemen and women who serve in the Unites States Armed Forces and have a connection to our parish. Please keep them in your prayers, asking God to protect them and to send them abundant blessings.                       

God Bless the United States of America!

Father Carmichael