This past week I had the joy of celebrating my 24th Anniversary of Ordination to the Priesthood of Jesus Christ. I was able to celebrate that Mass on Catholic TV and here at the parish. I often tell you that “I am a happy priest,” but that is in large part because of all those who attend Mass here on Sundays. I would like to express my appreciation to you for the many kind words, notes and letters I receive throughout the year; your kind words of support, encouragement and thanks are met with a warm heart and thankful spirit to God, who through His Church, chose me to serve the good people I encounter throughout the week, season, and year. It has been a pleasure to be invited into your hearts and homes, so know that you always find a special place in my heart. Also, yesterday I celebrated my 60th birthday. I am blessed with the continued love and support of my mom and dad, brothers and sisters-in-law. Though we do fight sometimes  and I occasionally enjoy the taunt of being “holier than thou”, I thoroughly enjoy their company and am so proud of my brothers and their families.

Many of us are aware that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is opening up  businesses and other establishments to 100% capacity. I can’t wait to get to Fenway Park with my dad, followed by refreshments and snacks at the Sheraton Hotel at the Prudential Center! Here in the parish we await word from the archdiocese regarding seating capacity. Should they permit full capacity, I would like to ask your opinion as to whether we should maintain the every other row configuration, or have one half every other pew and the other section completely opened, or just open all the pews. Bear in mind we will still keep the chapel open and the Mass is projected on the wall above the tabernacle.  We will maintain the alternate rows in the chapel. I have discussed this with the Parish Council. Please feel free to email me at

This weekend we take up the second collection for the Seminaries in the Archdiocese of Boston. We have three: Saint John Seminary, Brighton (my alma mater), St. Pope John XXIII, Weston (primarily a national seminary for older men), and Redemptoris Mater Seminary, Chestnut Hill (Neo Catechumenate community). I want to thank you for your past and present support of this collection. This is a necessary investment in the future of our Church, and providing future generations of Priests. Saint John Seminary not only prepares men for the Priesthood, but as well as formation for Permanent Deacons and for the lay ministries.

Just a reminder that June 7-12th I’ll be on a Priests Retreat in Long Branch, NJ. If you have intentions you’d like me to remember send me an email 

Father Carmichael