Just a reminder to everyone that we have a daily 5:00pm Mass (Thursday is a Prayer Service) followed by the Rosary and Adoration (livestreamed each weeknight at 7:00-9:00pm). I am also returning to airing daily homilies on our Facebook account, consisting of a three minute reflection on the day’s readings and perhaps a mediation to consider.

As you know we Livestream all of our Masses, Baptisms Weddings, and Funerals. We do not record or archive any of these events. We don’t charge for livestreaming Funerals, though some parishes do charge to defray expenses of personnel.

This week and next we have the electrical contractor here to complete work, which included moving the location of the service coming into the building, and installing lighting fixtures and outlets.  Much of this work was done because of the significant rust arising from water into the pipes between the pole and the service.  While you may not see most of this work, do know that the equipment is now up to code and in excellent condition, which prevents any outages or electrical hazards. We also have them installing new light fixtures above the entrance to the Church and installing gas light (like) fixtures on either side of the front double doors. They will also be installing new outlets by the sides of the double doors. I will be purchasing nice mahogany side tables with lamps which will be attached to the walls, and which will make the interior space warmer and peaceful. We are also placing new outlets in the choir loft.

Take time this weekend to look at the color scheme for the front entranceway. We are working on the exterior entrance and will keep the exterior the same (we will just power wash it) but we will paint the interior area. We have put two paint samples which we believe may enhance the space. In looking at the color, just remember the four doors will be painted a mahogany color and wood work will be painted white. The siding is to be painted one of these off white colors. The colors are close, one is slightly darker than the other. I would be interested to hear your opinion. We hope to have this area painted this coming week, and the trim the following week.  As you enter into the church itself, that small gathering space will be painted a softer and warmer color; we have applied sample coats on either walls by the doors to the choir and family room. Again, keep in mind the bulletin boards will be removed and replaced with large icons of St Ann and another of St Joachim. The tables will be mahogany and the lamps will have a warm beige lamp shade.

Thanks to Catherine Rein and Joe Cochrane, who helped me undertake a great deal of weeding and pruning. This is a large property and it takes a great deal of time to undertake this work.  I installed the new memorial bricks, then the 3 of us significantly cut back the shrubbery  and weeded the various beds. The orange Asian Lilies and Red Lilies are beginning to bloom by the main sign. I hope you enjoy the vivid colors. If you want to help us with this work, please give us a call.

Please let me know about your thoughts on the color choices: email father.carmichael@usa.net

Father Carmichael