We continue this second week of the Grand Annual Campaign. Thanks to those who have already sent in their pledge. Our first week mailing was sent out during the last week of June. For those who have not received a pledge card, we have included a clip-out form further along in this bulletin on page 6. The proceeds will help us pay for the existing work we recently undertook for painting and electrical work, which will be approximately $10,000. When the front entryway is completed, we will address other improvements such as: repairs to interior Parish Hall from roof damage, renovation of Hall kitchen (to include new opening windows, exhaust system for a commercial-grade stove, replacement and reconfigure of cabinets and counters) and overhaul of the windows in the main Church and Chapel. While our needs are significant, each year, each of you helps me reach our $80,000 goal. Please consider making your pledge soon and know of my appreciation for this support.

The new front entry doors have been delayed in production, with a new delivery date projected for mid-September. The rest of the doors alone, absent the hardware (to open, close and lock) is $24,000 with an additional $8-10K for the hardware-yes, who could imagine locks, push bars, etc. could be so costly! The three side doors (Church and Chapel, side and back) hardware cost the same amount.

I am pleased to let you know the cost of the doors has been covered by a generous $25,000 Gift in Memory of a loved one. The hardware and other exterior/interior paint and electrical work will be covered by the proceeds from this year’s Grand Annual.

While the doors are expensive, they are being custom-built and will stand up to the elements we experience here in Ocean Bluff – nor’easters and hurricanes! The architectural style is very distinctive and appropriate for the Federalist style architecture of our front entryway. I have included a copy of the sketches on bulletin page 6. The paint will be a deep mahogany color, which will complement the rectory and truly define our Church. Please pray for the craftsmen who are building them. The last expense for this project will be the professional installation. The doors need to be installed just right, allowing for easy operation and providing a good seal of insulation. Thanks to Tom Burke for his project management. Last week, he spent a hot day up on scaffolding, providing special bracing and support of the exterior top lighting. He also cut and installed molding around each fixture to enhance its appearance, at no cost to the parish. The generosity of the parishioners of St Ann by the Sea is reflected in parishioners like Tom!

Father Carmichael