I had a great time down in Long Branch, New Jersey over the July 4th week. It was great to be with the priests from NY, NJ, Philly, and a guy from Cincinnati (I forgave him for the Reds defeat of the Sox in the ‘75 World Series). What I liked most was getting up early each morning and con-celebrating Mass with them, it was so nice to hear our voices reciting prayers together and singing hymns to God.  The presentations we focused on were the Gospel of John, the themes of Pope Francis’ papacy, and lastly the Eucharist.  It was nice to have three square meals I didn’t have to make, and to enjoy company around the dinner table! Toward the end of the week was the tropical storm, and the night before I sat on my bed looking out the window overlooking the ocean, and watching a 2&1/2hr light show, also known as a lightning storm . . . it was quite vivid. I did miss you folks.

Thanks for all the support with the Grand Annual Campaign; the pledge forms keep coming in the mail and offertory collections. Pledges can be made with a check or with an online gift via the PayPal portal or your credit card. 

For those who are sending in checks we will process them quickly, within two weeks time. Your financial support last year afforded us the ability to undertake $95K in capital improvement to the buildings.

The food donations have fallen off sharply, and I just want to bring it to folk’s attention. I realize it is summer and a lot of other events and obligations compete for our time and attention, but I believe that when we feed the poor, God gives us abundant blessings. Please consider donating as soon as you’re able, and know I am grateful.  They (St. Mary of the Angels in Jamaica Plain) had indicated that they had more than enough cereal and pasta, but would be grateful for other specific items, that are listed on page six.

This weekend you will notice a tent in the courtyard, which we rented for our volunteer dinner, to be held Saturday night. After the Sunday 10:00 and 11:30 Masses  we will have a coffee and donuts social. Please, take some time to socialize with one another and enjoy a nice summer day/evening. In a few weeks we will have an ice cream truck at each of the Masses! We will have an assortment of ice cream bars, and everyone is encouraged to partake in this social event. We did this the year before the Pandemic and the response was chillingly good. I love puns!

This week we are also holding the YOUTH MINISTRY FUNDRAISER with the sale of TURKEY SANDWICHES. This is an easy meal for those who don’t want to cook on a humid night. It would be nice to sell out by the Sunday 10:00am Mass. If you would like a sandwich and are attending the Drive-In Mass please let a Knight know at the Mass.  Next month– Lobster Rolls Fundraiser!

Thanks for all the support!

Father Carmichael